Global Mindful Leadership Courses

globe1Please click on the link below for a comprehensive chart outlining Mindful Leadership courses being taught across the globe.


by Royan Kamyar, M.D., MBA

Interesting notes:

– Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership may be reaching a “tipping point”. Arianna Huffingston makes this point in the following CNBC interview from March of this year featuring Harvard Business School Professor of Management Bill George and Yale School of Management Senior Associate Dean for Executive Programs & Professor of Management, Jeffrey Sonnenfield:   [VIDEO 6:46]

– Harvard Business School Professor Bill George expands on the tipping point phenomenon of “mindful leadership” in this article from June of this year, and briefly mentions its relation to the concurrently growing field of integrative medicine:

– Google, Stanford Business School and UC Berkeley School of Law have all began executive mindfulness programs within the last year (see attached chart for links).

– Deepak Chopra teaches “Soul of Leadership” at Kellogg School of Management and “Just Capitalism & Cause Driven Marketing” at Columbia Business School.

Other important supporting articles:

*   OK, Google, Take a Deep Breath (NYT; 4.28.12);
*   Business Skills and Buddhist Mindfulness (WSJ; 4.3.12);  <;
*   Stress Management at B-School (Bloomberg BusinessWeek; 8.2.13);
*   Mindfulness Helps You Become a Better Leader (HBS; 10.26.12);
*   The Mind Business (Financial Times; 8.24.12);


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